Development of a Dehumidifier
Members: Bhakti Choudhary [ 01 ], Vanshiqa Agrawal [ 05 ], Zhao Siting [ 08 ]

Our research focuses on building a dehumidifier that is able to decrease the amount of relative humidity in the surroundings to a range that is comfortable for humans, which is around 45% (Discover Communications, 2014). The equatorial region is a belt on Earth that supports the tropical rainforest due to its high humidity. However, it becomes uncomfortable for people living within this belt. Singapore is one of the countries that fall into this category and by building this dehumidifier, we can help relieve Singaporeans of the stress and troubles brought on by the excessive amount of humidity, such as growth of fungi and pests (Wikipedia, 2014). Our dehumidifier is built around a chemical absorbent dehumidifier that makes use of silica gel, a desiccant, to absorb the moisture from the air. The silica gel is simultaneously dried by a hair dryer to ensure that it is constantly able to absorb the water vapour. Our project has proven that it is possible to reduce the humidity level of a (0.7m)2 box. This project can be applied any typical room, such as classrooms, offices or even storerooms, in tropical humid weather, a weather condition often faced by Singapore.

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